I am a frustrated poet, doomed romantic, a random writer seeking a muse, a music lover, and an adventurer.

feel free to browse to your hearts content. i post things very openly here. my life is yours to peruse. i wont promise any literary genius as i am far from being one. im sure somewhere out there in the universe, there is another mind, another voice that vibrates at the same frequency as mine.. its just a matter of finding that person(s) by tuning in and drowning out the rest of the noise in this cycle of life that we are in.

i hope you browse my notes that i will post here from time to time and if there is anything that really bewilders you, feel free to ask. you can always leave me a message via my contact info. just remember that the answer may not always be what you expected.. so dont ask unless your ready for the answer! happy reading!

6 thoughts on “about

  1. Someone who’s heart was beaten, betrayed, bruised…and still can love with so much passion, giving himself completely to this feeling, generously carrying for the loved one even when all seems lost…well, if you’re one of the dark things, i guess i’m like that too…Oh, Joe, we’re all flying with broken wings and it’s painful. But you can’t lose yourself between the shadows…know why? Losing yourself means losing everything she loved about you, it means losing the precious moment when she touched your heart…
    As you can see, i feel like home here on your blog :-) . You’re not alone, my friend, i don’t know if i belong to the light or to the darkness but i know my heart is open to you, sending you a big warm ray of hope and faith. And when darkness seems too cold, you know where to find me.

  2. I was reading your poem “Where the dark things live” with tears in my eyes. Someone told me long ago that a heart who was touched by love can only live in light, even when that love is lost. Because true love is never gone, just stays with us, grows inside us, guiding us home even when we think we belong to the darkness.
    You’re amazingly talented and this inner beauty of yours can only shine bright, touching and healing so many hearts, like it did with mine.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for following it. I’m honored and, knowing you liked one of my posts, motivates me and it makes me feel special. I appreciate it a lot!

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