I am a frustrated poet, doomed romantic, a random writer seeking a muse, a music lover, and an adventurer.

feel free to browse to your hearts content. i post things very openly here. my life is yours to peruse. i wont promise any literary genius as i am far from being one. im sure somewhere out there in the universe, there is another mind, another voice that vibrates at the same frequency as mine.. its just a matter of finding that person(s) by tuning in and drowning out the rest of the noise in this cycle of life that we are in.

i hope you browse my notes that i will post here from time to time and if there is anything that really bewilders you, feel free to ask. you can always leave me a message via my contact info. just remember that the answer may not always be what you expected.. so dont ask unless your ready for the answer! happy reading!

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