50/50 guard to side control…

so the 50/50 is not some place that i really like to start from.. too easy for a quick/squirrely opponent to get an ankle or straight knee lock if your not fast enough to catch what they are doing or if your not nimble enough to pull out of the 50/50 fast enough…

this move is something that we learned from the 50/50, but i like to provoke it or get the move from a failed de la riva. the idea is basically the same.

so starting from the 50/50, the idea is to provoke your opponent to stand up first. this can be done by the classic “reach around their ankle and grab the far side of your own lapel” move. most higher belts will know that this can never be good, so they will more than likely either start a gator roll or they will stand. in this regard, you are hoping that they stand. if and when they do, move to step B.

once they stand, the unoccupied hand will reach around for their belt or the back of their gi pant. the far leg (the leg not actively involved in the 50/50) will then swing to your opponents far side leg and the top of your foot should engage them just below their crotch area, but closer to where their femoral artery should be on that leg. your 50/50 leg will then disengage and move just below the opposite leg in a modified X guard. you will then extend both your legs to make him shift his balance.. once he does, you will then use your x guard to pull him back towards you. using his momentum and the hand that is gripping the pants, you will cause your opponent to almost sit on top of you. as he does so, the objective is to sweep him to the four o’clock position, causing him to fall over. remember that ankle that you occupied at the beginning of this move? dont let go of that gi engaged lock! as your opponent hits the ground, you will follow him, keeping the locked ankle and drop your full weight on the hip that is not on the ground. this will make for an easier pass to full on side control. so you will get the points for the sweep/take down and depending on your tournament rules, you could also get points for keeping side control.

for me, i like to get this move from a failed de la riva since most of the components are already in place. its just a question of moving your hands to the exact same locations and youll be doing the x guard from the outside instead of being inside and under your opponent. non traditional, but since it is so, most people dont train for the counter move… the result is the same, sweep to their four o’clock and follow them over from the sweep into side control.

hopefully, ill have a little more time to hit the gym and train some more, if i learn anything new and worth while, ill post it and keep you guys updated!

train smart,  not hard!

idle time on my hands.. random thoughts

it isnt often that i have time to just sit..especially at work. i happened across something on another blog site that kind of stirred some interest and some sorrow. im not going to focus on the sorrow part.. that is irrelevant. once someone has made a choice to follow a certain road, there is nothing that one can do to change their mind. what i do want to focus on is the interest..

it is a “profession/occupation/lifestyle choice” that is probably as old as time. in these modern times, most of them are known as “sugar babies“. women that find older men (sugar daddies)  to finance their lifestyles, bills and what not. most people would label them as “mistresses” (some actually are) others would name them as “high class hookers/ highly functioning prostitutes“. i am going to refrain from judging, but i do want to bring up a point. most of these women and their sugar daddies understand that this is nothing more than a financial arrangement. money/ material compensation for services rendered. not all of the women actually sleep w/ their benefactor. most often than not, the gentleman wears the girl on his arm as a trophy. something that he gets to show off to the other boys in the billionaire boys club. some guys were a rolex… who am i to judge if one of the guys can afford to have a living, breathing trophy on his arm?

for me, i guess the rub is this. it is one thing to attach yourself to a man as a trophy, but when you dont tell the guy that this is the arrangement… and you lead him to believe that there is a real relationship happening… i believe there is some type of “sugar baby” moral code that you have knowingly violated.

as a guy, if i meet up with a girl… id like to know up front whether the girl i am seeing is going to be a commodity or an actual person that i can develop feelings for. the reason? i dont always flash my wealth around… what kind of wealth? hmmmmm my only liability is my house note… lets leave it at that. everything else i have is paid for. flashing cash is not something that my parents raised me to do. i am comfortable enough with myself, my proven cash reserves that i feel confident enough to dress and live as a simple guy raising his kids, than to follow the flashy lifestyle of the other men that live in the same neighborhood as i do. i dont need the “wooooo look at me!!”  beemer, hummer, lexus, audi or what ever the latest trend is. i have driven at least one of each of those cars… eh, they are cars. they get me from point a to point b and thats  it. so, if i run into a woman that wants to be “taken care of”, then i have a level of expectation just like a car. you had better be able to perform well enough to justify my expenses or your price tag. if you dont, believe me, i will send the word out to the other men that i associate with and your name will become mud. i guess the fact that i dont want a woman to want me for my money is one reason that i just dont trust most women in general.

tying this back to the original topic… a lot of the women that ply that “trade” of being a sugar baby, many of them are actually college grads with some of them actually having a masters degree in politics, philosophy, law or business. the quality ones are by no means the typical high priced stripper. i would assume that for them (sugar babies) to be able to perform their role as arm candy, it would require them to be able to interact with their benefactors associates and have an intellectual understanding of the business that the benefactor engages in. it would only be logical. it is in this regard that just like any other career, the education and performance is/should be enough to justify the cost. morally. would i encourage this type of lifestyle to my own daughters… absolutely not. i like to think that i could instill enough sense of moral worth into my girls that they would not want to be at the beck and call of any man much less make their bodies into a exchangeable commodity.

i would assume that as with all things… being a sugar baby, you would have a finite shelf life. over time, either the benefactor gets bored with you, finds someone new he wants to exchange you for, or the ravages of time take its toll. it is at this point that i would begin to question if there is life after being the “trophy wife” or the sugar baby? what happens to your ways and means of supporting yourself? just like the nurse that becomes known as the doctors toy/mistress… once he dumps your for someone new.. how do you go back to working amongst your peers with all of them whispering about your illicit affairs behind your back? seriously, there is no quality of life for the tainted nurse. there is no hospital that she can go to that she wont be known. i wonder if it is the same for the sugar baby? even if she has a degree, how does she explain all the years that have gone by and she has zero experience to show for her education in that field? im sure the other men of weath that would/might see her in the work place or at a corporate party would talk about her and work would again get out. its just my opinion… but what kind of quality of life is that? maybe i missed something in my analysis?

in conclusion of this really random thought, i would say this: if you are a sugar baby and are going to be in a material relationship with a guy… make sure that you let your intentions (price tag/expense sheet) be known up front. dont make a guy believe that there is really something there when you know that there will never be one. human beings have these things called feelings. some are good at hiding them, some are good at protecting what they show.. and then there are those that wear their hearts on a sleeve. be considerate, you never know when your gravy train is going to end and you will be on the receiving end of what you dished out so long ago.

just sayin.

numquam frangere, confidunt, promissa, cordibus


random thoughts..its saturday

hello there readers! not sure how many of you are actually reading what i have to say, but i just wanted to drop a hello on you guys and let you know what thoughts are bouncing around inside of my cranium…

as of friday last week, i am officially back in “student mode”. that basically means that i have enrolled into one of the major universities here in texas and have decided that i am going to finally get my bachelors degree. it will be in applied science with a minor in health. that will tie into my associates degree in ultrasound/vascular technology and allow me to sit behind a desk and be a director or management lead of a department here in the hospital. it is not really a glam job that i am hoping for, but it does look good on a resume’. i am not one to ambition driving a desk and telling people what to do, but to be able to have a meaningful conversation at physician driven parties or soirees, having the experience could only help right? my classes this go around is american history after 1876 and a philosophy course. i am not going to put myself in a pressure cooker and say that i am hoping to make the deans list… in all reality, hospital jobs dont really care if you made deans list or not.. the only thing they care about is do you have a degree? Great! do you have experience in the trenches? you do? thats awesome! heres the job! what your GPA was when you graduated isnt really all that important… i should know..ive seen managers/directors come and go all the time..in fact, most hospitals here will elevate you to director based on time served and whether or not your crazy enough to take the responsibility. ive seen people with just work experience, no college credits to their name become directors. no lie. now what kind of salary do they make due to lack of education? i couldnt tell you… but a lot of them lived a little bit higher on the hog than those of us with degrees!

i have also given thought to go taking my knowledge and going agency to work over seas. i get to thinking australia or new zealand would be one of my first stops. why? oh come on!! who wouldnt want to see the great barrier reef? who wouldnt want to see the hobbit village? who doesnt want to get enraptured with the rabid fans of rugby? not to mention experiencing life in a whole new country.. getting to know the people and the culture of those places? i think it would be an awesome thing to experience. (not to mention, i would be able to take those two places off of my bucket list!) i have been told that with a US education, bachelors degree and with the experience that i have behind me..i could make a kings ransom in terms of dollars earned as an agency person. that is always a good thing when one has plans of retiring early and enjoying the good life!

lets see.. what else? oh, i have signed up to take a couple of cooking courses at “the viking school of culinary arts” here in texas. it is not really like a prestigious cooking school, but it is a nice place to learn basic stuff and maybe, depending on the course they are teaching, you can learn some really neat advanced stuff while meeting new people and drinking wine! im not seeing the bad in that right? ive also learned that i have acquired some rather expensive tastes… like really really enjoying the taste of melbac wines. learning that i like fresh lobster instead of flash frozen. that i prefer my steaks to be aged greater than two weeks rather than fresh off the cow… sigh..i hope australia can meet my standards! 😛 

my heart is not quite so broken now..i still think of her from time to time, but i have come to accept that she is now someone elses headache and that karma will get her when she least expects it. i have realized that you cant always save everyone… no matter how hard you dont want people to fall from grace, if they dont want to be saved… well then crap, you just take it upon yourself to make sure that they fall a little faster than what they had planned. i have learned that people still cannot be trusted and that love doesnt exist. 

i have been more religious with my workouts… i make it a point to get either 2 exercise sessions in a day or @ least one session and then finish the day with jiu jitsu. i figure if im going to go to a country like australia… i want to be able to take my shirt off @ the beach and have people stare rather than to run away from the foreigner! ive noticed that since i have become a little more regular with my workouts… im not so easily winded and that i can actually do most of the exercises that i find on crossfit.com. i hear there is a crossfit box in sydney.. if i get stationed there.. i might try to get in with them..

what else… work has been work.. sometimes monotonous and sometimes not quite what i was expecting. it has been getting hotter and hotter here in texas, the difference is that the humidty has not been as bad as it has historically been.. climate change! (shhhhhhh, cant say that, your anti american if you do!) most of the time, it is the heat that has been bringing the people in.. now it is the really dumb stuff that brings them in… most of it is stuff that i swear we should have just let the process of natural selection do its job.

anyway, i know this is short, but that is pretty much all that has been happening… ill keep you guys posted. feel free to ask me whatever and ill answer as soon as i can!


numquam frangere, confidunt, promissa, cordibus

healing, but it still sucks…

nothing exciting here… just going day by day… im slowly forgetting what she looks like. the only real memory is that she had the most beautiful blue eyes that i had ever seen. i cant really say that i remember her smile.. in my mind it is slowly becoming a smirk. i guess over time, even her facial features will fade from memory.. but the memories that i still do have of her doesnt make the process any easier.

there are times that i wish the human brain had a delete button. something that we can activate when we no longer want to address or even remember things. if i could only wipe her away from my memories.. i would truly be a happy person. since we dont, i am having to remind myself that she was the one that betrayed me… all for the sake of money. i have to remember that she was the one who threw her morals out the window when she decided that as a bible thumping catholic, that it was ok to a muslim doctors mistress while his wife was away on vacation.

it still bothers me that there are people like her in the world. it really bothers me more that there are people like her in the church! she is probably the shining example of why i had distanced myself from the church to begin with. for me. it is hard to profess my own faith when i see those people around me that are quick to call me a sinner and tell me that i am hell bound when these very same people are the ones that are carrying their own demons into a house of worship.


it is a beautiful day here… puffy clouds in the sky, the sun is just a touch on the extremely warm side… and i am trying to enjoy my venti coffee while blogging. i look at the people driving by and the occasional pedestrian and i wonder how many of these people are going through the same things that i am. stress from work, kids, life in general… and then of course, those that have all of the previous, plus having to deal with a broken heart.

i can honestly tell you that even as a guy… there are some relationships that you just cant stuff into a box and then file it away in the closet called “flings’. there is always going to be that one girl… that one ridiculously awesome girl that just doesnt fit the mold of “the hook up”. she is going to be that girl that you always think about… when you wake up, just before you fall asleep.. she is going to somehow find her way into your mind just like she found a way into your heart… and damnit, when the relationship ends for whatever reason.. she is going to be that girl that is going to make you feel like your heart is being torn excruciatingly slow from one end to the other… yea, that was the kind of girl that i had.

so that brings me to today, exactly 3 months to the minute that she walked out of my life to become the mistress of a creepy philandering muslim doctor… i guess what is still burning me is that it has just been recently that i have been finding out that their little illicit relationship has been going on for quite some time… that for all intents and purposes.. i was nothing more than an amusing anomaly on her way to being set up for the mistress lifestyle..

i dont want to jade myself that all women are like her… but it is really hard to not want to assume that when all you see and hear about are women who are looking for the “easy life”. it doesnt matter that their names are synonymous with “whore”, “slut” or the all time favorite “higher functioning prostitute”, after all… what woman would not want to just have to call her sugar daddy to get a light bill paid, or a house note paid… at the same time, i like to think that there are actually women of character out there that would rather be simple and “just making it” than to be known amongst her peers and others as “that girl”

anyway… so that is what has been going on so far… im healing, the wound is slowly closing and im pretty sure that after a little while longer, it will just be another pretty awesome scar that i will wear.. but im sure it will serve as a reminder to me to always be vigilant… and to be aware that no matter what face a person might put on in front of me… that might not always be the person behind the smile…

numquam frangere, confidunt, promissa, cordibus