its been a month… OWW!!

so its been a full month, thanks to the holidays, since i last hit the mats. oh my goodness! the difference a month makes! maybe i should have spent that time at least keeping up with my cardio… running, rope, anything really.

unfortunately for me, i have an issue with my lungs. they dont really care for cold air. most people would call it “asthma” (which seems to be the new catch all phrase for any type of breathing problem), but in the old days, we called it for what it really was. reactive airway disease. how do you tell the two apart? true asthma can be triggered emotionally, where as reactive airways cannot. so to determine which one you have, or someone else has, make them cry or get upset.. if it triggers an attack, they have asthma!

how does this play into my return to jiu jitsu after a month long hiatus? well, since i am older now and decided that i would do other things than keep up with my cardio… last nights training session was a beast! we played a brutal game of “crazy 8’s”. how does one play this game? pretty easy… you set your timer for 8 minutes, pick 8 guys to round robin with and you go until one of you scores 8 points or gets the submission. winner stays. all matches start from standing.

so how did i do? well, i learned that i cannot ignore the take down part of the game. i was able to get most of my opponents down with an ichi mada fake to an inside leg take down, which i was lucky enough to pass their guard as we were heading to the ground. my biggest opponent.. i dont know the name of the move, but i stuffed his reaching hand with a cross grip and swept my arm over his exposed shoulder, i then hooked my hand into his belt, and then sat into the space underneath the both of us while pulling him over my head. even though i was successful, though sloppy, the take down part of the game really sucks down on your strength and energy levels. by the time i was half way through most of the sparring session, i knew was running on fumes and i was sucking down way too much wind.

didnt do too well on my submission game truth be told. i was able to get to most of the dominant positions, but my technique has gotten a little rusty, or the guys i train with have just gotten stronger. i noticed that i am having to use a little more strength to get the submission than what i would have normally liked to use. i also noticed that the guys have been able to work their way out of the submissions either by brute strength, or by being able to hold off until the lactic acid in my arms/ legs have done its job and caused me to abandon the submission attempt. definitely something that i need to address in future sparring sessions.

i am hoping that this cold snap that we have this week will not last too long and i can get back to running or at least out in the garage to get with the rope. as we get closer to summer, i hope to spend more time once again doing crossfit and lifting more so that i can get ready for the next tournament season.

back from the dead…

hey there guys! kinda like lazarus, i have returned from the dead!

truth be told, it was more like an academically induced coma. i thought that i would have more time to post at least one simple thing each day while i was in school, but alas, that was not to be. i didnt realize how time consuming contemporary philosophy AND american history after 1876 was going to be. the good news is that i passed, and now i hope to have a touch more time to read some of your blogs and post to mine before school starts up again.

the goal of getting to australia is one semester closer!