To the girl in black w tats and studs..

You look @ me like you see
The demons that lurk inside me
You smile as though the dark in my mind beckons
You like a moth to a flame
Be careful how close you dance
Little moth, to this very incidious

The level of my desires are limited
Only by what can be achieved w
Rope and cane,
With clamps, and candles, brackets and chains.
You raven hair so smooth and full
To be rendered stretched, pulled and scented with our sweat and wanton desire

Be careful little one, what you see
On the outside
Disguises the Sir that lives and seethes on the inside..

We havent met..

I want u to know that i have already looked into your eyes and i have gotten lost a thousand times. The feel of your lips on mine have already been burned into my memory. Your smile lights up my day brighter than the sun. I want to be the one that brushes the hair from your face in the morning and gives your that first cup of coffee. We havent met… But ill already know you when we do.

Its friday..

Woo hoo! Got paid today… I think i almost had a stroke when i saw how awesome my check was.. Of course ive been killing myself w overtime. My time went in w 198hrs on it! Holy crap! I didnt even notice i had worked that many hours.. No wonder i havent had time for my school stuff!

This is what i would much rather be doing…

Instead, this is what had been occupying my time..

Im hoping that sooner than later, ill be able to find the balance that lets me get both in. Im just looking at the bigger picture right now… Finish my bachelors, and ill have more $$$$ and time to go and play in the sport i love best.

So this was a short update, more will follow..