Dear you

Another day, another chance to do something different! Well, ok, maybe not quite so different, but just a touch different from yesterday…

Today will be my first special procedure by myself.. Kinda nervous. Its a pancreatic biopsy. Basically i will guiding the interventional radiologist as he gets tissue samples from a patients pancreas. Its an endocrine organ that is responsible for making your bodies supply of digestive enzymes as well as the insulin your body uses to break down sugar. So where i show the doctor where to get the sample is key. If i guide him wrong, we could end up messing up that section of the pancreas.. No pressure at all!

After work i have to finish reading my chapters and taking my final quizes.. I dont have a lot of time. Then i have to get ready for finals in 2 wks. Comprehensive finals.. All the notes that i took for the whole semester will be fair game. Not looking forward to that at all! Oh well, one has to do what one has to do in order to achieve the goal.. Eyes on the prize! Cant get to australia/new zealand if we dont focus!

Anyway, i hope your morning goes well. Its a beautiful day, and im still wishing that ill get to spend it with you one day soon. Try not to work too hard and have an awesome day. Ill write to you again either at rhe end of my day or early tomorrow!

Always your biggest fan,