Even if

The ebb and flow of the ocean
As predictable and reassuring as
The beat of a lovers heart

The rise and set of the sun and moon, as steady and regular as the rise and fall of your chest as i sleep beside you

In these i take comfort, for as long as we are together, even when we are apart by distance i know i will see you

Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Words were put to paper
Quills were dipped in ink
And musings of the heart
Were inscribed
On simple parchment

Once upon a time
Hearts were melted
By feelings and expressions
Committed forever by
Thought, paper and pen..
It would seem that this fine
Art is lost forever
Never to be seen again

Once upon a time,
Love lasted a lifetime
Promises were kept
And fidelity crossed the open
Seas, tested and committed
Though distance kept
Hearts apart

I have no quill, no parchment,
No ink
I only have this digital page
By which to woo you and win
Your heart.
I have no idea where you are
Or who you are,
But i believe that we are meant
To find each other,
Because of something so simple..

Once upon a time.

Be content

Be content my love
To watch you from obscurity
From places where you
Will never know that my
Heart pines for you
Be content my love
That no matter what
Some one secretly loves you

Though many admirers will
Cross your path and proclaim
Undying love
I believe that it is only i
That knows you play with your
Hair when you dont know
What to say

Many men will offer you riches
And travel across the world
But it is only i
That knows that you love
White roses
And two teaspoons of sugar for your
You will never know.. How much you
Mean to me

Even though other men can offer
You material things and empty
Only i know what truly makes you smile,
What makes your heart strings play
A symphony
Oh my dear, distant beloved
Be content…
That though you dont know i exist,
You mean the world to me.