Sometimes its right in front of you

99.9% of women make this mistake.. Repeatedly… And then you guys complain that you get stuck with assholes that treat you guys like shit… Ya think?!

maybe i sound a little bitter with that… i probably do, but the sad truth is that most women that i listen to always have “that guy” that was in their distant past that they ran off b/c they put him in the friendzone. he was the one that was attentive and was nice, considerate and paid attention to the little things that would make her happy…. but noooooo she felt that there was always better… or that she wanted the proverbial “bad boy”… and ended up getting treated like trash… what really irks me is that these same women then turn around and dump ALL men into the same basket. thats not cool. the mistake was on the woman… and then ALL men get the blame for that mistake? seriously?!

kinda makes me wonder if there is such as thing as a sane female out there in the world…

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