Just a rant..

Sometimes, the most vexing thing about people.. Is just that. They are people.

People make promises they will never keep. people will rationalize all the wrong things they have ever done and will sooner lie to protect themselves and their egos, before telling the truth and putting the illusion they created at risk..

There are time that i wish i could distance myself from people.. But with 7 billion people on this planet, and with human nature being what it is.. Somehow, some way, there will always be people around me.

I dont expect you to understand my frustration… And thats ok. Pay attention to what people do and you will soon realize that the number of people that you WANT around you is actually a fraction of the people that ARE around you. I wish i had a magic wand like harry potters… Humanus terminosus!!! (Or whatever spell would actually work) just so that i could thin the herd..

Anyway, people.. So many of us.. So few that are worth perpetuating in the gene pool..

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