Dear you: 05-27-14

Hey there… So it has occured to me, we see each other in the ER more frequently now, which is not a bad thing really. I always try to find a reason to come talk to you even though my patient load is packed pretty tight, and you never seem to be “too busy” where we cant have a 5 min conversation…

I wanted you to know that i really like the way your hair falls in front of your face just so, that i always feel compelled to want to brush it out of the way..but to do so would make things pretty obvious.. Especially w soooo many drama queens where we work. I also like the fact that you wear glasses. They make you look nerdy smart.. Which incidentally is the new HOT!!

So the point here is that id really like to ask you out to dinner… But it is really hard to do that with soooo many ears in rhe room… Some people would say text you.. But that is sooooo impersonal.. Not my style. Id rather be geniune and real rather than awkward and aloof. I want to get to know more about… Hmmm im asian.. Ill figure this out.. In the mean time, just know that i really like you…

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