Black butterfly

Some will fly with gossamer wings
Others will fly with colors
Lit by the sun
And yet you will fly
Above them all, a rebel of the sky
You, my black butterfly

I watch you every day
Safely, from afar
Watching you live your, life flitting
And fluttering, flower to leaf to
Tree to whatever catches
Your busy little eyes
My beautiful black butterfly

Id rather not capture you
In a net or jar, though to own you
And have you as a prized
Possession is my true desire,
To watch you in your natural
State is more beautiful
And it is your simple beauty
That lites my heart afire..
You, my beautiful, desirable
Black butterfly

Though it breaks my heart
To know that you will never truly
Be mine alone
Ill watch you from here
So close and yet so far
Watching you and loving you
From so far away
My lovely black butterfly

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