Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Words were put to paper
Quills were dipped in ink
And musings of the heart
Were inscribed
On simple parchment

Once upon a time
Hearts were melted
By feelings and expressions
Committed forever by
Thought, paper and pen..
It would seem that this fine
Art is lost forever
Never to be seen again

Once upon a time,
Love lasted a lifetime
Promises were kept
And fidelity crossed the open
Seas, tested and committed
Though distance kept
Hearts apart

I have no quill, no parchment,
No ink
I only have this digital page
By which to woo you and win
Your heart.
I have no idea where you are
Or who you are,
But i believe that we are meant
To find each other,
Because of something so simple..

Once upon a time.

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